Multi Million Pound Police Station planned for Elland Road


Above is an artist’s impression of what the new police station will look like.

At Wednesday evening’s meeting of the Hyde Park and Woodhouse Forum, residents were told by the police that a leaking roof at their Belle Vue Road depot is necessitating their move from the depot to new accommodation provided by Leeds University on the university campus. Apparently, over a number of years, the police have allowed the building to fall into a state of disrepair. and now don’t have any money left to fix it. We were also told that the move will achieve annual savings of over £100,000 per year, though it was never made clear how these savings would be achieved, given that the police own the Belle Vue Road depot, and, we were told, will be renting from the university. We were also told that the proceeds from the sale of the depot will be used to offset the effects of the cuts.

At the same time as we were being told all this, the police were proceeding with plans to create a new multi million pound police station conveniently situated opposite the football ground on Elland Road (pictured above). In a time of cuts, where is the money coming from for this? It would appear that the police do have the money to repair the roof of their Belle Vue Road depot. It’s just that they choose not to.

The Yorkshire Evening Post has published an account of the police’s scheme to build a new police station on Elland Road.

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