Picnic 2012

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  1. Garance says:

    Thanks Steve,

    A great response to the day. And doesn’t it just tell us how inclusive these events can be whilst offering a fantastic way to meet our neighbours from all walks of life and in all weather. There were certainly some new faces, young and old, when I was on The Rosebank. I hope they now know who LWCA are and participate in future events.

    Your drum circles really get people warmed up, synchronised and set the tone of fun for all.

    We will try to book the belly dancers next year and be ever optimistic for sunshine.

  2. Steve Hill says:

    Saturday 28th April dawned cold and drizzly, and decided to get worse.

    With chilly fingers and some trepidation I unloaded over £2,000 worth of hand drums into a freshly-erected marquee, made room for the band Bassa-Bassa, and waited.

    It was not a day for coming to outdoor events, and most people took that view. Undeterred however, a gaggle of geezers ambled towards us, clearly having drink taken – one even carried his own see-through tankard. Another swayed gently on splayed legs, big silly grin on his face, and ready-for-anything wonder in his wandering, vaguely-focussed, eyes.

    Bassa Bassa played a blinder of a set, and a few more people loomed up.

    By starting time (which, being interpreted, means “Darn it! We’re not going to get any more people than this – let’s get on with it!”) we’d most of the chairs occupied and had a really good drum circle. Drum Circle means that people are encouraged and enabled to make up their own rhythms and share the musical space.

    The geezers joined in when they wanted to; listened appreciatively when they didn’t and were, despite my misgivings, as good as gold. The swaying one told me they were from a nearby hostel and said that he hadn’t had a drink all the time that he was listening to the band and playing the drums. I call that a result!

    I look forward to next year’s Picnic and re-iterate: when we had the belly-dancers, the sun shone; when we didn’t, it rained.

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