Planning application 13/01607/FU

On looking through the papers it seems they are planning to build a Madrassa with accommodation. Would this require change of use to an education establishment?

The applicant claims extension will improve the scale and appearance of the building. Whilst what we currently have is not attractive or well-balanced since the top floor was removed some years ago, the proposed Post Modern style is completely at odds with the original neo-Classical 1847 Methodist Chapel (image with Jenna our Community Planner). The application states the proposed Character Appearance is appropriate for this Conservation Area – we disagree.

This building is on a prominent corner plot, we suggest the proposals do not, as claimed, “offer an interesting and distinctive profile” for that site.

Questionable size and design of rooms, particularly with regards toilet facilities.

If two full storeys were to be added to the building they would compromise the South facing views and light to the recently constructed Charles Apartments.

Perimeter Character stone wall collapsed some years ago and stones removed. No indication in application that this will be replaced.

There are many visitors to the Centre for feast days and holy days and the amount of parking around the square suggests that those who use the centre are not ‘locals’ as suggested in the planning application. On the plans, we do not see provision for parking to cope with current levels of attendance nor for anticipated new tenants.

We do not see any waste storage system on plans for current usage or for additional inhabitants or anything that suggests this project is introducing green or sustainable provision to the area.

Garance Rawinsky on Behalf of LWCA

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