Application 11/04987/FU should be refused for the following reasons:

  1. These premises are within the Cumulative Impact Policy Area 1 which aims to regulate the high concentration of licenced premises within the area where guidance suggests that the application for the variation of existing licenses, which would increase the scale or timescale of operation, should be refused.

    The premises are also within a conservation area.

  2. The report by Environoise states that the immediate area around The Faversham consists of student housing, academic buildings and the dental hospital. However, immediately to the north of the Faversham going towards Clarendon Road is an area of very high density mixed accommodation comprising rental property for young working people and some owner occupiers. At the top of Springfield Mount/Mount Preston Street there is a large block of flats for mature students with young families.

  3. We note that Sound Trading did not wish Environoise to contact Leeds City Council for advice on their policy of Environmental Protection from Noise Nuisance. It will be impossible for music and noise nuisance not to be heard inside residential premises in the vicinity unless local residents are to be offered triple glazing, due to the increased number of customers, vehicles and footfall the proposed extension will generate.

    We are especially concerned about the first floor open air terrace/sun lounge and the impossibility of keeping noise levels low here and refer to the Good Practice Guide on the Control of Pubs and Clubs 2003. Once the premises are hired out at huge expense for weddings and celebrations, no one will take kindly to being told to whisper on the terrace.

  4. The increased traffic from refuse wagons; loading and movement of vehicles carrying the bands’ kit, lighting rigs, and special effects; suppliers; taxis; private vehicles etc. as well as the footfall in the connecting corridors between The Faversham and the city centre, the Burley Road student accommodation (through Hanover and Woodhouse Squares and no doubt The Kendals and Consorts) and up to Hyde Park and Headingley, will cause increased noise disturbance and quiet probably have an impact on crime and disorder.

  5. The scale of the proposed extensions will mean anything but “returning to the more traditional Public House that it once was serving food and real ales in a more intimate social space, running at a more conventional schedule” as stated by Architecture 2B. This is, in effect, an application for a larger extended hours night club.

  6. We would also take issue with Architecture 2B’s statement that there is a good quality public transport infrastructure close by. In the immediate vicinity there are no buses along Clarendon Road, therefore footfall, private vehicles and taxis to Leeds City Centre Via Woodhouse Square or Woodhouse lane would increase significantly.


Allowing this extension would add to the negative cumulative impact experienced in the area.

Sue Thomas for and on behalf of Little Woodhouse Community Association